iPhone 6 har sålts 6 gånger så mycket som iPhone 6 Plus

Apple har sålt otroligt många iPhone 6 och iPhone 6 Plus, men vilken modell har sålt mest? Ja om man tittar på tillgången så skulle man kunna tro den större iPhone 6 Plus men inte då. Den mindre iPhone 6 har sålt mer än 6 gånger så mycket! Det trodde jag faktiskt inte.

Längst ner kan ni se min unboxing video av min iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 beating out its bigger brother by a 6-to-1 margin - TUAW

For the first time in the history of the iPhone, Apple launched two new sizes of its iconic handset this year, so which way the sales would swing was anyone's guess. The smaller – and cheaper – iPhone 6 was obviously going to beat out its bigger brother, the 6 Plus, but by how much? App analytics firm Localytics has some early usage data that shows sales of the iPhone 6 beating out the 6 Plus by a huge 6-to-1 margin.