Ny funktioner i Google+ (klicka på tidsstämpeln för att diskutera på G+)

Stefan Svartling  -  12:11 PM  -  Public
I would like to see a better Google+ app, but the API's are still not enough. We need more. Maybe someone could do an app with Google+ search now though. I would like to be able to search Google+ from my mobile devices and then be able to copy links to posts.. The Google+ app doesn't even allow to copy links or text! Amazingly bad..

The pre-locking of posts is a good feature. Not available in Mobile app though..

Here is a video with the new features: Google+ Update: Disable Comments & Lock Posts Before Sharing

Google+ is giving users a pre-post option to disable comments or prevent content from being re-shared. Other additions so far this month include notifica...