Här är varför jag gillar Reeder så mycket. Det är den bästa RSS Läsaren på planeten!

Stefan Svartling  -  8:10 PM  -  Public
I have many times posted here that I am using Reeder - the best RSS Reader on the planet. I use it on both my Mac and my iOS devices. On my iOS devices I use it for blogging on Google+. Works great see my video: How to blog on Google+ from iOS devices

Reeder makes full feeds of non-full feeds. SO I can for example subscribe to keyword searches from Google News, Google Blogs or Google Alerts and still be able to read the full posts in Reeder on all my devices. That feature makes it worth every penny.

Of course it syncs with Google Reader too but it's so great that you will never use Google Reader again directly.

It still has all the great iOS features on Mac too. Here is a video on how I use gestures in OS X Lion to navigate Reeder without doing any keyboard or mouse clicks! Gestures & Fullscreen in Mac OS X Lion and Reeder

Of course Reeder for Mac supports OS X Lion's Fullscreen mode too. I only use fullscreen apps.

If you are a Mac user or/and an iOS user, buy this.
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