Här är min recension av Macbook Air 11 tum

Stefan Svartling  -  8:29 PM  -  Public
My New MacBook Air 11-inch Pros and Cons

After using my new Macbook Air 11-inch constantly for a week now, its time to tell you about the pros and cons.

- same size and weight as the iPad 1 that I own, so I've been using it instead of the iPad. Works great! Feels like an Super Powerful iPad with Keyboard
- Very cool to "dock" it to my Samsung 40-inch SmartTV and using it as a "iMac" together with my wireless Apple keyboard and Magic TrackPad
- Auto connects very easy to the wireless Apple keyboard and Magic TrackPad via Bluetooth
- OS X Lion's fullscreen apps and all touch based gestures makes the screen size perfect. You don't need big screen sizes anymore. In fact, I think with OS X Lion it's even better to have a small size. I really don't regret buying the 13-inch version. 11-inch is enough for OS X Lion.
- The full scaled keyboard is amazing! Very nice to type on.
- Backlit keyboard is a bless!
- The Instant ON is incredible. Even the WiFi is now connected instantly. I only lift up the display and everything works directly! Just like an iPad :)
- Apps and everything is much, much faster that it was on my Macbook Pro. An App starts instantly.
- Somehow it feels like I have more memory now because I can have more apps started at the same time and the Air still feels fast and smooth. But my MacBook Pro had the same amount of memory… I don't know why it is so.
- Knowing that it has Flash memory instead of an HardDrive makes it feel a lot more portable. It is just like having an iPad.
- It easily replaces my MacBook Pro 15-inch as my main computer
- This is the best device I've ever bought!

- Battery life. It's hard to get 4 hours from it! When turning off Bluetooth I can barely get 4 hours. That is a lot worse than I thought it would be. The only drawback for using it instead of my iPad.