WordPress Kopierar Tumblr Igen

wordpress copies tumblr.jpg

Wordpress kopierar Tumblr igen. Denna gång så har de lagt till en "Like" knapp under varje post. Den enda skillnaden är utseendet: Wordpress anänder en stjärna medans Tumblr använder ett hjärta. Hitta mer info om Tumblr med denna sökning: http://kb.clipotech.com/tumblr

"Starting today you’ll notice a new feature at the bottom of all WordPress.com blog posts. We’ve enabled a ‘Like’ button, which, when clicked, shows a Gravatar image for all the bloggers who like a post.

When you ‘like’ a post two core things happen. First, the blog post’s author sees your ‘like’ and can click-through to your Gravatar profile. Second, clicking ‘like’ saves the post in your homepage dashboard (in the ‘Posts I Like’ section), so you can share it with others, or just keep it around for future reference. (Official WordPress Blog)"