Varför Windows 7 Tablets Inte kommer att "Döda" iPad

Jag tror inte att en Microsoft Tablet kan "döda" iPad, eller inte ens konkurrera med den. I alla fall inte så länge de envisas med att använda sig av WIndows. Däremot om de använder sig av deras nya mobila OS Windows Phone 7, så kan de åtminstone släppa en del intressanta Tablets.

Hitta mer info om Window Phone 7 med denna sökning:

"Windows 7 cannot compete head-to-head in the tablet space Apple has chosen. Here's why: Windows 7 is designed for someone sitting at a desk with a mouse and keyboard. Yes, Windows 7 can work with a touch screen, but it appears that Microsoft tried to figure out how to make something designed for one type of use (keyboard and mouse) to work in another format (touchscreen).

This works, but not particularly well. A recent ars technica article does an excellent job of describing the issues of trying to use Windows in that kind of mode. Conversely, with the iPad design, Apple let go of the keyboard/mouse paradigm and developed an excellent light-weight touchscreen tablet. Because of this difference in approach, if Microsoft attempts to take on the iPad directly it will continue to fail."