TwitterOnNotice - nytt Twitter konto som meddelar om du missköter dig


Twitter har skapat ett nytt Twitter konto kallat @twitteronnotice som skall tala om om dy missköter dig på Twitter. Det meddelar om de har stängt av ditt konto till exempel. Följ mig på Twitter!

"Practically the only time you see the service's support team pop up is if an account is disabled. It's possible a new process is being put in place to provide a warning to users who have stepped out of line, putting them 'on notice'. A new account, called @twitteronnotice, says cryptically 'You're On Notice!', featuring an avatar of Uncle Sam glaringly pointing his finger in your direction. The account even calls itself 'Minus One', a common Internet tally for somebody or something being modded down by the community. (e.g. +1 and -1)

Get enough negative karma associated with your account, and you might see your account go on notice. While no public details are yet available for this private account, it could be a way for the company to try and avoid user attrition through aggressive account deletions, and put accounts in something of a holding pattern for violating the terms of service."