Jag blev omnämnd och länkad till av the Huffington Post igår! Coolt va?

Coolt! Jag blev omnämnd och länkad i en artikel om Amplify i the Huffington Post igår! :)

"So how does Amplify spark the conversation; well there are four main features - Clip this page, Share the URL, Write a post and Microblog. The conversation can then be auto-posted to Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, Posterous, Tumblr, Friendfeed, and more. Goldstein explains that -- this is simply the best way to allow people, to not only share content but build a discussion around that content. I am witness to this phenomenon -- I have had discussions with dozens of Amplify citizens from Eric Goldstein in NY to Joe Hackman in CA to Stefan Svartling in Sweden."