iPhone / Ipad appen Pulse släpper tillsammans med Posterous "PulseMeme"


Pulse - Den populära nyhetsläsaren för iPhone och iPad går ihop med den omtalade bloggtjänsten Posterous och släpper PulseMeme. Du kan nu skicka inlägg direkt från appen till en special anpassad blogg som bygger på Posterous. Hitta mer info om Pulse med denna sökning: http://kb.clipotech.com/pulse

"The Pulse News app just got better. Creator Alphonso Labs has recently teamed up with Posterous to create a simple way for users to create their own ‘Pulses.’ Best of all, the service is free.

If you find an article within Pulse News that you feel others will enjoy, click on the heart-shaped icon. From there, simply log in and the post is sent to a free site hosted by Posterous. The first time you do this, a username and email address must be added. Then, your free Pulse site is alive and well for others to see."