Jag testar Simplytweet 3.1.1 beta 1 för iPhone

En av mina favorit Twitter apps på iPhone är Simplytweet. Jag har blivit beta testare av denna app, och idag släpptes en ny version med massor av nyheter och fixar.

En av de bästa nya funktionerna är Instapaper Mobilizer som i princip bygger in Instapaper appen i Simplyteet!

Så nu kan jag favorita alla tweets jag vill läsa senare, och när jag sedan har tid att läsa dessa, så kan jag göra det direkt i Simplytweet!

En ytterligare fördel med det är att jag nu i princip då får en sökfunktion efter de artiklar jag vill läsa eftersom det finns inbyggd sök i simplytweet.

Instapaper har ju fortfarande ingen sökfunktion....

Här är nyheterna i Simplytweet 3.1.1 beta 1:

  • - Add support for Instapaper Mobilizer (enable in Settings app)

  • - Add translation of user description in account view

  • - Adjust text size of contacts picker when in bigger text mode

  • - Direct Messages is now less likely to break up words in long DMs

  • - Lists timelines now load 200 when loading older tweets

  • - Search timeline now loads 200 when loading older tweets

  • - Add bookmarking service (Instapaper or Read It Later, depending on settings) to swipe menu options

  • - Add new swipe menu option for Reply All Mentioned

  • - Allow filtering of search results by language (enable and choose language in Settings app)

  • - App store links are no longer automatically opened in App store app (since Apple now displays a webpage, it isn't necessary). To open the app in App store (for purchase, for e.g.), Press button in toolbar

  • - Add TweetPhoto and Pic.gd to photo search, removing TwitGoo, TwitrPix and img.ly. (Twitter can't handle multi-term queries well)

  • - Show picture indicator in timeline for TweetPhoto and Pic.gd

  • - Show thumbnail in tweet view for TweetPhoto and Pic.gd

  • - Number of tweets to be loaded for Friends timeline on startup is now configurable as 20, 50, 100, 200, Load All Unreads

  • - Fix: Hashtags with umlauts aren't turned into links in tweet view

  • - Fix: When loading older tweets in search timeline, the previous results disappear (ie. only 1 page of results was shown at a time)

  • - Fix: Show a proper error message when sending a tweet which you have sent recently (Twitter doesn't allow that)

  • - Fix: Show a proper error message when retweeting a tweet which you have already retweeted

  • - Fix: Some lists and @usernames aren't turned into links properly in tweet view and DM view

  • - Fix: When creating a draft from list of drafts, title of compose view is misaligned

  • - Fix: For some users, tweets sent by them aren't highlighed with a different background

  • - Fix: unread count disappears in Friends/Mentions timeline after opening account from timeline and going back to timeline

  • - Fix: crash when hashtag button is pressed in compose view while tools panel is revealed

  • - Fix: Some gaps in Friends timeline if app was running for a long time and manually refreshed