Simplenote är helt klart den iPhone app jag använder mest. Den är helt otroligt ...

Simplenote är helt klart den iPhone app jag använder mest. Den är helt otroligt användbar.

Blandannat så synkar den helt automatiskt genom "molnet" till den också underbara appen Notational Velocity på min Mac. Suveränt!

Dessutom så har den TextExpander support inbyggt så att den fungerar utmärkt att blogga med!

Jag bloggar till exempel detta direkt i SimpleNote.

Mycket bra!

Gör en sökning i kunskapsdatabasen ovan för mer info om SimpleNote.

2010-03-08 10.31
I'll give $ to whoever makes a simplenote plugin for lockinfo!

2010-03-08 08.00
@powhog some worthy apps: simplenote (sync with justnotes, a nice free desktop app) and plants vs. zombies to kill time in the waiting room

2010-03-08 00.37
Utilise simplenote, et trouve ça top.

2010-03-08 00.09
creo que la app iphone/ipod/ipad "Simplenote", más la app de escritorio para mac, y su sincronización, son acojonantes. #recomendado xD

2010-03-07 23.41
@onikaze No dice. Msg said a new note was going to be added, but it never showed up. No wonder I was using SimpleNote. What a pain this is.

2010-03-07 22.38
So far I've installed Tweetie, Simplenote and Remote. Anything else I should know about?

2010-03-07 19.01
@sophiabliu None, I didn't purchase it. My writing starts in SimpleNote and moves to LaTeX. Use Espresso or Textmate for websites.

2010-03-07 17.10
It's pretty cool how much you can get done on an iPhone with things like Pastebot, Simplenote, Markdown, the Tumblr app, etc.

2010-03-07 14.16
텍스트 파일을 업로드하는 어플을 사용하면 될꺼에요. 전 simplenote, discover 사용중 RT @Captain_LO: [질문] 아이폰으로 텍스트를 저장해서 볼 수는 없나요??

2010-03-07 09.59
RT @thinkingserious: Notational Velocity + MarkDown + SimpleNote + DropBox = Tech Zen. Thanks @hotdogsladies and #macbreakweekly

2010-03-06 22.29
Using the Simplenote icon as a replacement for Notational Velocity's rocket launch [Recommended by @mdznr]. Still not satisfied.

2010-03-06 20.51
@kaydub I've went to Simplenote for txt notes and email things I want saved long term to Evernote.

2010-03-06 02.25
@SteveStreza I liked using the TaskPaper Mac app, but I don't think I can leave Simplenote+NotationalVelocity

2010-03-05 21.16
@PHRIOS Tem alguns apps que acho que são fundamentais para os donos de iPhone: LogMeIn, Instapaper, Evernote, Simplenote, NetNewsWire...

2010-03-05 17.38
Things I'm salivating for on the iPad: All the Omni apps, 1Password, Instapaper, Tweetie, Textexpander, Things, Simplenote, Squarespace...

2010-03-05 17.35
Slowly but surely, @simplenoteapp is climbing my GTD toolbox ranking ladder. #simplenote #gtd

2010-03-05 17.13
@AndyParkinson That way I can still edit them from Simplenote, for instance.

2010-03-05 14.52
RT @DonMcAllister: With Dropbox, Simplenote & Notational Velocity all syncing away in the background, I think I have my universal clipboard sorted ;-)