MSI Wind: Another Eee PC rival blows in - Crave at Annotated

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MSI Wind
ser ut att vara en riktigt bra konkurrent till ASUS Eee PC. Denna UMPC har en skärm på antingen 8 eller 10 tum och en batteritid på hela 7 timmar. Priset ligger helt rätt också på 299 euro och uppåt.

  • MSI Wind looks to be another Asus Eee PC rival. Looks really nice!. And the price too (299 euro). If the 7 hours battery life are real, this might be a really good alternative. - post by svartling
It's a little larger than the standard Eee PC and more customisable, so it manages to incorporate either an 8-inch or a 10-inch display

Intel Shelton '08 platform

solid-state or 2.5-inch hard drive

Battery life is reported to be in the region of 7 hours

Linux or Windows

1GB of RAM

start from €299