UMPC's: Bra artikel om ultra portabla datorer

Mini-Laptops: The Next Big Thing?  Annotated

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  • Great article (2 pages) about mini-pc's (UMPC). I think that Smartphones will evolve into small mini-pc's in a near future. We will all go around with small 5-inch laptops in our pockets to surf the internet with. - post by svartling

Computer makers are now taking tiny laptops seriously, due to the success of Taiwan's Asustek and India's HCL. Acer will soon join the fray

Now, computer companies are finally starting to take miniature laptops seriously. That's largely due to Asustek Computer, a Taiwanese maker of notebook PCs.

More powerful players are preparing to take on Asustek. Acer, the Taiwanese company that purchased Gateway

is planning a low-cost laptop of its own to compete directly with the Eee PC.

Läs denna utmärkta artikel på 2 sidor om mini-pc's eller UMPC's. Jag tror att smartphones kommer att utvecklas till att bli små mini-pc's inom en snar framtid. Jag tror att vi alla kommer att gå omkring med små mini-pc's med små 5 tums skärmar i fickan, för att surfa på internet och kommunicera med.