Tillbehör: Logitech diNovo Mini

logitech dinovo mini

Logitech släpper diNovo Mini, ett litet bakupplyst Bluetooth tangentbord med en inbyggd kombinerad pekplatta/styrplatta för att kunna navigera i menyer med.

Mer specifikationer (via sökmotor):
Rechargeable Li-ion batteries: Last longer – up to one month between charges
Bluetooth 2.0: Enjoy long-range wireless control from up to 30 feet away
Thumb-operated keypad design
63 backlighted keys
Backlighting for two modes—orange for touch-pad mode, green for media-center remote mode
Ambient light sensor measures current available light and turns off backlight, if necessary, to conserve power
Troy gloss silver with midnight black design
Dedicated Windows Media Center button
Range: up to 10 m
30 days battery life
Full-charge: Takes about 4 hours
Fast-charge: Takes about 10 minutes for 1 day of use
Size: 152 mm by 90 mm by 27.5 mm (cover closed)
Weight: 170-175 g (with battery and receiver)

Logitech diNovo Mini kostar bara runt 150 dollar.