Nya Mobiltelefoner och Smartphones hittade med sökmotorn 03/23/2008

Webb-tv: Sony Ericsson W890 testad  Annotated

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W890 är en tunn musikmobil som har förbättrats på flera punkter jämfört med den framgångsrika föregångaren W880.

    Let's Go Behind The Scenes Of 'Emelie' - SE-NSE Forums  Annotated

    tags: gadgets, mobile, mobiltelefon, phone, prylar, sony_ericsson

    'Emelie' is the codename of an upcoming low/mid-end feature phone by Sony Ericsson.
      It is based on the A200 operating system

        Motorola Z9 Slider Phone Detail Specs | iTech News Net - Latest Gadget News and Reviews  Annotated

        tags: gadgets, mobile, mobiltelefon, motorola, phone, prylar

        Motorola Z9 features a 2.4-inch LCD display, a 2 Megapixel camera
          A-GPS navigation support, and HSDPA support.

            Rykten: TomTom-lur i faggorna? | GPSkoll.se  Annotated

            tags: gps, mobiltelefon, prylar, tomtom

            TomTom, som verkar ha planer på en alldeles egen GPS-telefon
              HTC under skalet och TomTom-stämpel utanpå?

                Samsung SGH-G600 Belle comes in burgundy, includes matching nail polish - Engadget Mobile  Annotated

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                specs shows quad-band GPRS / EDGE, a 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and image stabilization, 7 hour talk time and about 15 days of stand by

                  Nokia E90 Review (MobileBurn)  Annotated

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                  We take a look at Nokia's latest mobile utility knife to find out what it does well, and, in the process, learn that there are a few things it doesn't do so well.