Nya Laptops, Bärbara Datorer hittade med sökmotorn 03/24/2008

More photos of Intel’s Netbook, rumors being dismissed - Gadgetell  Annotated

tags: gadgets, intel, laptop, prylar, umpc

The Netbook reportedly will sport both a 7-inch or a 9-inch display and will run a 900MHz Celeron processor and 512MB RAM.
    the Netbook will feature a larger hard drive, which is expected to be 40GB.

      Dell to launch its new ultra-portable laptop 'E4200' based on Centrino 2  Annotated

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      Equipped with Ultra-Low Voltage processor ‘Centrino 2(code-named Montevina), the E4200 adopted Intel's Turbo Memory 2.0 and UMA graphic card. It has the option of choosing either a 32GB or 64GB SSD.

        Läckage: Nästa Dell Latitude har GPS i bagaget | GPSkoll.se  Annotated

        tags: dell, laptop, prylar

        Fyra laptops: E5400, E6400 - bägge på 14,1" samt E5500 och E6500 på 15,4". Under skalet hittar du bland annat blåtand, skärmbelysning av LED-typ, olika sorters hårddiskar (skivor, SSD) och GPS.

          Review of the Fujitsu LifeBook P1620  Annotated

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          A new Intel Core 2 Duo Processor provides plenty of oomph for productivity chores, and you still get about 5 hours of battery life.

            HP expects to launch its new 13.3-inch notebook pc 'dv3000' in Asia  Annotated

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            price: 1399 dollar

            runs on Intel’s 2.5GHz T9300 Penryn Core 2 Duo processor.
              GeForce Go 8400M graphics with HDMI support, 2GB of RAM and a 160GB disk

                I4U News - Dell E6400 ATG leaked  Annotated

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                The Dell E6400 ATG features
                  removable shock mount HDD, spill resistant keyboard, Intel UMA graphics, GPS, UWB and DisplayPort.

                    Dell's leaked E6400 ATG for mustachioed, overall types (just not Mario) - Engadget  Annotated

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                    Dell plans a semi-rugged E6400 ATG version
                      ATG launches in June
                        Centrino 2 laptop with super bright 750cd/m2 (or 650cd/m2 touchscreen) display, GPS, UWB, DisplayPort