Nya Laptops, Bärbara Datorer hittade med sökmotorn 03/26/2008

Budgetdatorn blir bara bättre och bättre  Annotated

tags: asus, laptop, prylar, umpc

Asus kommer till sommaren att släppa en uppdaterad version av sin lilla budgetdator, Eee-PC i alla fall i USA.
    Hittills har vi hört priser runt $500 för den kommande modellen eller drygt 3 000 kronor

      Intel's Netbook ships as 2go PC and FTEC SmartBook - Archives PCLaunches.com  Annotated

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      In America, the Netbook will retail as 2go PC (manufactured by CTL) for about $400 from May end.

        Get a dual-core Dell Vostro notebook for $429 shipped | Crave : The gadget blog  Annotated

        tags: dell, gadgets, laptop, prylar

        a dual-core AMD Athlon TK-57 processor, 1GB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive, and a 15.4-inch screen.
          ATI's Radeon Xpress 1150
            256MB of RAM

              I4U News - MSI Annonces GX600 Enhanced Notebook  Annotated

              tags: gadgets, laptop, msi

              Intel Core 2 Duo T8300, 15.4-inch WXGA+ LCD, 3GB DDR2 667MHz RAM, NVIDIA 8600M
              GT graphics with 512MB or VRAM, 320 GB 5400 RPM HDD and more.

                Acer low-cost PC expected to be cheaper than second-generation Eee PC  Annotated

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                With the company's large economy of scale, Acer has set the FOB price of its
                low-cost PC at US$250-300, while the market ASP (average selling price) is
                estimated will be around US$350-400.

                  Acer’s 8.9-inch UMPC/UltraPortable - Cheaper than Asus Eee PC | Small Laptops and Notebooks  Annotated

                  tags: gadgets, laptop, prylar, umpc

                  Acer’s 8.9-inch
                  is expected to be around $50 less than Asus Eee PC

                    What this means, is that Acer is looking at around $350 - 400 (USD) for these
                    UMPCs, once they hit the market.

                      Official: ASUS 8.9-inch Eee PC will include touchscreen, possibly GPS - Engadget  Annotated

                      tags: asus, gadgets, laptop, prylar, umpc

                      confirmation that the second generation Eee PC will in fact feature an 8.9-inch
                      touchscreen display
                        $500 (starting price)
                          shipping in May or June in 8GB to 12GB options