MID: Utmärkt artikel om historien bakom Nokias Internet Tablet

Mobile-review.com Nokia Internet Tablet – the history of and philosophy  Annotated

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The Nokia N810 comes from the Internet Tablet breed, in other words, it’s a device tweaked for Web browsing, or, putting it simply, a portable Internet browser with a handful of multimedia features thrown in for good measure.

The variety of device types aimed at one particular niche normally signifies that this market is currently emerging.

Brought about as a promising branch, Internet Tablet devices became the proving grounds for quite a bunch of innovations that will be embedded into mass-market devices down the road.

Nokia is trying to create a portable device for accessing the Web, easy communications, and, somewhere down the road, a complement to the mobile phone, a very potent secondary device.

This niche appears to have some potential, but where the market will go is being decided these days already – whether Internet Tablets will become widely adopted in the next few years, or they won’t make it as mass-market devices and will rather hand over their functionality to mobile phones. But regardless of the way it goes, Nokia’s Internet Tablets are among this segment’s strongest players today.

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