MID: HTC tänker börja tillverka MID's

HTC expected to launch MID handsets in 2008 Annotated

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High Tech Computer (HTC) has joined Intel's efforts to develop MID (mobile Internet device) products, with the company expected to launch a MID with handset functions in 2008, according to sources in Taiwan's handset industry.

The launch of MID handsets is expected to help raise the market awareness of MIDs, Chen said, noting that shipments of MID devices will increase significantly after Intel introduce its second-generation MID platform in 2009.

Even with voice functionality, the prices of second-generation MID devices are also expected to more competitive

HTC launching MID devices in 2008? - Engadget Annotated

tags: gadgets, htc, mid, prylar, umpc

DigiTimes is back with another Taiwan industry rumor. This time they have HTC launching MID handsets in 2008.

Om detta är sant så tror jag att HTC kommer att göra bland de bästa MID (Mobile Internet Devices) på marknaden.

Fast personligen så tror jag mer på UMPC varianten med riktigt QWERTY tangentbord och större skärm.