Laptop: ECS G10IL


Även Taiwanesiska ECS vill in på den mycket populära Ultra Portabla dator marknaden. De lanserar nu en laptop med det kryptiska namnet G10IL. Den har bland annat HSDPA, WiFi, 3 USB portar och kostar runt 500 dollar.
ECS launches Asus Eee challenger -  Annotated
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Although currently still in production, and details incredibly sketchy at the moment
sure to come with Wi-Fi and most likely Bluetooth
There is no optical drive


ECS G10IL - EeePC Killer? – iTech News Net | Latest Tech News, Gadget News and more...  Annotated
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ECS G10IL, a eeePC-like laptop computer.
G10IL will have HSDPA 7.2Mbps support
3 USB ports, Webcam and Ethernet port.
priced under $500 USD