Kamera Notiser 03/28/2008

Vivitar DVR565HD high-def camcorder announced  Annotated

tags: camera, gadgets, kamera, video

launched by the end of April
    SD-card camcorder
      H.264/MPEG4 high definition at 720p
        30 frames per second
          3-inch flip out colour display

            Samsung L210 10.2-megapixel camera  Annotated

            tags: camera, gadgets, kamera, samsung

            Self Portrait mode
              2.5-inch LCD monitor
                red eye correction
                  SD / SDHC / MMC card
                    SVGA movie mode

                        Samsung NV 24HD Premium HD Camera - Fareastgizmos.com  Annotated

                        tags: camera, gadgets, hd, kamera, samsung

                        24mm ultra wide angle 3.6 optical zoom lens
                          10.2 megapixel
                            H.264 video standard and support a 1280x720 30fps
                              2.5” AMOLED
                                optical image stabilization
                                  digital image stabilization

                                    Samsung announces the L210, L110, L100 digital camera - Gadgetell  Annotated

                                    tags: cameras, gadgets, kamera, samsung

                                    L210 (10.1 MP), L110 (8.2 MP), and L100 (8.2 MP).
                                      2.5-inch LCD and 3x optical zoom
                                        available now in silver, black, or red; with an MSRP of $269, $229, and $199

                                          Samsung NV40 digital camera with Schneider 3x optical zoom lens - Fareastgizmos.com  Annotated

                                          tags: camera, gadgets, kamera, samsung

                                          3x optical zoom
                                            10.5 megapixel
                                              Schneider lens
                                                Face Detection
                                                  Auto Contrast Blance