Intressanta Nyheter om Prylar hittade med sökmotorn 03/14/2008

I4U News - Asus EP20 EEE Desktop PC  Annotated

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The Asus EP20 would run the same Linux OS as the currently available Asus Eee PCs on an Intel Dual Core with 1.87Ghz. A 2.5 inch HDD would be used for storage instead of SSD.

    Hello BlackBerry, Meet the iPhone - New York Times  Annotated

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    • I hope that Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 will steal some of iPhones publicity soon. Xperia X1 looks to be much better than iPhone. QWERTY keyboard and 800x480 pixels resolution is only two things that's better...
       - post by svartling
    Apple announced iPhone 2.0. It’s not a new phone model (although that will be coming this year, too)—it’s new software for the existing phone. And in my considered opinion, it will be an even bigger deal than the iPhone itself.
      In short, it’s not going to be a pleasant summer for people who are sick of hearing about the iPhone.

        Apple Keynote den 9 juni  Annotated

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        nytt spännande godis från Apple om omkring tre månader.
          Den 9 juni kickar Apple igång sin årliga Apple Developer Connection i San

            More iPhone 2.0 Details Revealed | Gadget Lab from  Annotated

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            The iPhone 2.0 software update (which reads on the iPhone itself as v1.2) has
            already been leaked
              with screenshots appearing all over the web.

                Sony Ericsson W580i dished out in a new color - Jungle Green - Gadgetell  Annotated

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                Now you have 5 available colors to choose from, including Style White, Boulevard
                Black, Urban Grey, and Metro Pink.

                  Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1 preorder pricing revealed - Gadgetell

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                  Rykten: Archos 606 siktar på iTouch |  Annotated

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                  • Kan bli intressant, speciellt med 3G eftersom då kan man ju surfa med den inbyggda Opera webbläsaren överallt, istället för bara där det finns tillgång till WiFi som det är med 405/605 modellerna. - post by svartling
                  ett rykte i omlopp som hävdar att Archos på allvar siktar in sig på
                  iTouch och till och med erbjuder funktionalitet som inte ens
                  iPhone har just nu, nämligen 3G - åtminstone i vissa av

                    Who wants a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1? Get your own XPERIA X1 on pre-order today!  Annotated

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                    • I will wait for this phone. I think it's the best phone announced yet. Much better than iPhone. Look at the screen with 800x480 pixels for example? Amazing. - post by svartling
                    a slew of online retailers are offering the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 for
                      Right, so I think it's safe to say that no one knows just how much the X1 is
                      going to cost

                        Logitech diNovo Mini Palm-sized Keyboard – iTech News Net | Latest Tech News, Gadget News and more...  Annotated

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                        now Logitech presents its new diNovo Mini, a palm-sized mini keyboard.
                          Bluetooth wireless connectivity
                            dual purpose clickpad
                              priced at $149.99
                              • Hey!, this one I really want for my Windows Media Center! Lokks perfect for my remote needs. - post by svartling

                              Sony Ericsson W380i gets a new color - Sony Ericsson Phones - SEfanatics

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                              The new Sony Ericsson z555  Annotated

                              tags: gadgets, mobil, mobilephone, prylar, sony_ericsson

                              The z555 has just hit the FCC approval and now it’s out.

                                Full fart med andra generationens SSD -  Annotated

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                                Enligt minnestillverkaren OCZ Technology
                                kommer man med lanseringen av andra generationen SSD ge oss en prestandaökning
                                från dagens läshastigheter på 58 megabyte per sekund till hyggliga 120 megabyte
                                per sekund.

                                  Nokia N810 with WiMAX launching April 1st at CTIA? | The Boy Genius Report

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                                  Nokia N810 with WiMAX set to launch at CTIA on April 1st? - Engadget  Annotated

                                  tags: gadgets, mid, nokia, prylar, wimax

                                  Nokia is set to launch its N810 refresh with WiMAX at CTIA in April this

                                    Review: Apple's new Mac Pro is a speed demon  Annotated

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                                      The upgraded Mac Pro pushes apps to the limit