Intressanta Nyheter om Prylar hittade med sökmotorn 03/18/2008

Snart har varannan svensk HDTV  Annotated

tags: hdtv, prylar

HDTV kan innan året är slut finnas i vartannat hushåll, enligt analysföretaget IT Research.

    Panasonic Announces Touchscreen Digital Camera With HD Video | Gadget Lab from  Annotated

    tags: camera, gadgets, panasonic, prylar

    The Panasonic LUMIX FX500 will feature a 3-inch LCD touch UI allowing you to touch-adjust aperture and shutter settings, and even set the focus and exposure frames in the middle of a recording.
      It will also record HD video at 1280 x 720p and HD stills with a 16:9
      aspect ratio.

        Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX500: Sweet like chocolate - Crave at  Annotated

        tags: camera, gadgets, panasonic, prylar

        The FX500 is a 10.1-megapixel point-and-shoot
          The FX500 will be available in silver and black. The recommended retail price is £330

            NEWS! - Panasonic announces Lumix FX500  Annotated

            tags: camera, gadgets, panasonic, prylar

            The Panasonic FX500 is the first Lumix-series digital camera to include a touch-screen LCD display.
              Leica DC Vario Elmarit branded 5x optical zoom
                will ship in the USA from May 2008, priced at US$399.95

                  iPhone firmware 2.0 hands-on - Engadget  Annotated

                  tags: firmware, gadgets, iphone, prylar

                  We know there have been a couple of crappy videos here and there on the web, but we finally got our own grubby paws on the yet-to-be released iPhone 2.0 beta,

                    ssd notebook failure rate is high  Annotated

                    tags: gadgets, hardware, prylar, ssd, storage

                    So far a major PC manufacturer has reported returns of 20% at best, up to 30% in all the SSD systems that are available for sale.

                      Asus U2E Review  Annotated

                      tags: asus, gadgets, laptop, portable, prylar, review

                      Is the U2E a true masterpiece or a sub-par laptop in pretty clothes? Let's take a closer look.

                        CrunchGear » Archive » These could be photos of the Intel Netbook  Annotated

                        tags: gadgets, laptop, portable, prylar, umpc

                        These could be photos of Intel’s upcoming Netbook

                          Nokia N810 - Skadeskjuten surfplatta -  Annotated

                          tags: gadgets, mobilitet, mobility, nokia, prylar

                          Snälla Nokia, smeta på mobiltelefonistöd,
                          något officeprogram och blåtandsstereo så kommer vi hylla en sån här apparat.
                          Till dess står vi mest förvirrade
                          • Anledningen att jag skulle vilja ha 3G inbyggt vore i första hand för att jag ville kunna surfa på webben överallt och inte bara där man har WiFi teckning. Det går visserligen att koppla ihop med mobilen, men det hade varit avsevärt smidigare med inbyggd 3G. Att ringa med en Nokia N810 skulle jag tycka vara alldeles för klumpigt och omständigt. - post by svartling

                          Nokia N82 in black  Annotated

                          tags: gadgets, mobile, n82, nokia, phone, prylar

                          Nokia today unveiled the Nokia N82 in stylish black
                            This jet black multimedia computer enables people to "geotag" the images they
                              features, including a 5 megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss optics and a Xenon flash.
                                N82 in black is expected to start shipping within weeks, with an estimated
                                retail price of approximately 400 euros

                                  Three New Panasonic D-Dock Compact Hi-Fi : Akihabara News .com  Annotated

                                  tags: audio, gadgets, hifi, music, panasonic, prylar

                                  The SC-PM870SD with its 3 way speakers, or the SC-PM670SD (silver and black)
                                  with its 2 way speakers.

                                    Mitsubishi's AVCREC Blu-ray recorders stuff HD content onto standard DVDs - Engadget HD  Annotated

                                    tags: blu-ray, dvd, gadgets, hardware, mitsubishi, prylar, recorder

                                    Mitsubishi steps into the void with a pair of 500GB DVR-BZ200 and 250GB
                                    DVR-BZ200 Blu-ray recorders.
                                      Both feature support for Blu-ray's AVCREC specification allowing them to record
                                      about 2 hours of Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) content in MPEG4 AVC/H.264 format
                                      direct to standard 4.7GB DVDs.

                                        Two New Mitsubishi Blu-Ray Recorders : Akihabara News .com  Annotated

                                        tags: blu-ray, gadgets, hardware, media, mitsubishi, prylar, storage

                                        the DVR-BZ200 with 500GB of internal HDD and the DVR-BZ100 with 250GB of
                                        internal HDD
                                          Mitsubishi Electric just released two New Blu-Ray recorders

                                            Polaroid MPU-043315B 60GB Freescape 4360 wifi PMP  Annotated

                                            tags: dap, gadgets, pmp, polaroid, prylar

                                            Looks like Polaroid will be launching a Wi-Fi PMP called Freescape MPU-043315B
                                              It features a 60GB hard drive

                                                CrunchGear » Archive » Polaroid makes PMPs now instead of Polaroids  Annotated

                                                tags: gadgets, pmp, polaroid, prylar

                                                The PMP itself sports a 4.3″ 16:9 LCD screen and 60 gigs of memory. It’s
                                                supposed to sell for under $400

                                                  Pentax introduces 8MP Optio V20 point-and-shoot - Engadget  Annotated

                                                  tags: digitalcamera, gadgets, pentax, prylar

                                                  $279.95 when it runs aground in May.

                                                    Pentax Announce Optio V20 5X Optical Zoom Point & Shoot Digital Camera » Thoughts from the Sidelines - Technology, Gadgets & Curiosities  Annotated

                                                    tags: camera, gadgets, pentax, prylar

                                                    Optio V20 sporting 5X optical zoom, 8 megapixel resolution, face recognition
                                                    and, seemingly a prerequisite of compact digital cameras these days, smile

                                                      Pentax Optio V20  Annotated

                                                      tags: camera, gadgets, pentax, prylar

                                                      Pentax has expanded its Optio range by introducing the Optio V20

                                                        Soundstream MP28 - PMP with touchscreen by  Annotated

                                                        tags: dap, gadgets, mp3_player, pmp, prylar

                                                        Soundstream has come up with a new portable media player entitled MP28.
                                                          storage capacity - 2GB and 4GB