Händerna på Fujitsu U1010 UMPC

GottaBeMobile har haft fullt upp de sista dagarna med att testa UMPC's, först HTC Shift och nu Fujitsu U1010. Denna UMPC har  en 5.6 tums skärm och QWERTY tangentbord. Mer information. Videoklipp.

Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC News and Reviews - GottaBeMobile.com - Hardware InkShow: Fujitsu U1010: "In summary I think this device has the ability to command respect; it has come in at the right price, with the right specs. Had I of had the device without ever seeing The Shift (I'm taken aren't I) the chances of me buying one would be higher! It is however a great kiddie Tablet, or Vertical Market Tool. Either way I believe the future is bright with these sort of devices." Via.