Raon Digital EVERUN- Så mobil kan man bli

Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC News and Reviews - GottaBeMobile.com - Raon Digital EVERUN InkShow: "This InkShow is designed to focus on just how mobile UPPC really make you. With highlights from in my living room, in my car, and at the beach, this InkShow should help you see why Ultra Portables are really worth exploring. Up to this stage I haven't been convinced that UMPC are true companion devices but I believe things may be changing."

GottaBeMobile har gjort en intressant video och skrivit en intressant artikel, som visar hur mobil man kan bli med de nya ultra portabla PC datorer som börjar bli allt mer vanliga. En av de intressantaste UPPC's just nu är Raon Digital EVERUN.