Händerna på Nokia N76

Hands-on with the Nokia N76 - Engadget Mobile: "Enter the N76, Nokia's first truly fashion-friendly 'multimedia computer' (to use its own terminology). Though Nokia's never shied away from trying unusual, different, and daring designs in its volume handsets, its S60 lineup has typically been left buttoned up. To be fair, features like 5 megapixel cameras, giant screens, and WiFi -- all frequent flyers on the Nseries -- don't lend themselves to svelte, gorgeous shells, but you don't necessarily need any of that to make a decent smartphone that can do double duty as face candy and as a professional sidekick."

Engadget har testa Nokia N76. Den är endast 14mm tunn och har en 2 megapixel kamera, Bluetooth och en QVGA skärm på 2.4 tum. Se ett videoklipp här.